5 Ways to Add Humor to your Real Estate Marketing That Made Me Over $100k

If you are looking to add some simple, low risk humor to your marketing you’ve come to the right place. You may recognize my name from such failed HGTV pilots including, Half Bath Makeover, Celebrity Half Bath Makeover starring Gary Busey and my ultimate downfall List’er or Twister, which sadly, only lasted one episode.

Okay, let’s get serious. Several years ago, I decided to embrace humor in my marketing and it paid off big time. To the tune of over $100,000 or 1 bitcoin whichever is greater. When humor is used correctly in marketing its benefits are endless. It makes you more memorable, makes your brand stand out and keeps your marketing out of the landfill.

Have you ever wanted to bring more fun and funny into your real estate marketing but didn’t know how? Does it seem like too big a risk to your polished brand? Are you a newbie with a small budget for marketing but want to get noticed? It’s time to take a risk and let your inner comedian shine.

Here are a few simple ideas that can add a little punch to your marketing.

1. Have fun with your profile pic. Last year I generated $40,000 in GCI just by putting up a pic with a Santa Hat on Zillow! Several clients said they clicked on my profile because I seemed the most “festive” and “fun.”

2. Do something different with your postcards. “Postcards cry when you throw them away” cost me less than $100 to send to my sphere but netted one listing and a buy/sell worth $26,500.

3. Hand out fun and memorable business cards at conferences. Glamour shots are back! You know the feeling when you leave a conference with a stack of business cards that go ultimately to the trash. Make yours stand out with a little humor. This has led to numerous agent referrals.

4. Have a “celebrity” or undead creature endorse you. Dracula left me a stellar review that we boosted on Facebook to add many followers.


5. Create a Top 5 Reasons my mom or kid or dog voted me number one agent in the area. Boost it, put it on a postcard but most of all have fun with it!