5 Creative Tips for Staging Vacant Land

As Realtors we all understand the difficulties of selling vacant land. In my market, vacant land can sit on the market for years without any activity at all. Answering questions about surveys, soil tests and replacing damaged signs can become tiresome and time-consuming.

As agents, we have to show consumers that vacant land can be so much more exciting than just something to build a home on or digging shallow graves. Vacant land can be fun!

Here are my essential tips for staging vacant land.

1. Warm their hearts with a romantic picnic spot. Who doesn’t love a little Hollywood romance? Strawberry wine, blankets, and picnic baskets are a great place to start.

2. Take your tree game to the next level! Let’s face it, trees have been around for hundreds of years and are totally played out. Building material, a shelter for animals and life-giving oxygen don’t wow today’s consumers. Think giant tree forts and tire swings to really grab their attention.

3. Bootlegging is totally back in style! Deep in the woods beyond the eyes of Johnny Law awaits your next adventure. Sure you can make your own craft beer or wine at home but nothing compares to the thrill of crafting your own “Shine.”

4. Try a pedestal sink to maximize space.

5. Minimize animal odors and signs of dangers. Nothing scares away buyers like the thought of being ravaged by a bear while in your tree fort. How about being attacked by fire ants while sipping Strawberry wine? Make sure your vacant land is clear of carcasses, dangerous predators and odors prior to listing.